After Class Activities in Brighton

Our program allows you plenty of time to discover your new country, culture, traditions and everyday life after your class is over.

Brighton itself offers a variety of different activities to participate in. Firstly, you should definitely go on a historical tour of the city. Also make sure you visit the Royal Pavilion, stroll through the city center and discover its varied shopping opportunities, or make the most of Brighton’s perfect location – relax on the beach, play volleyball or enjoy a barbecue.

Our English school in Brighton offers you the chance to go on excursions and organizes welcome and farewell parties, themed nights, weekend parties and pub crawls, beach parties, sporting activities and cultural visits to the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum as well as to the theater and cinema.

Full-Day excursions to:

  • London
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Bath
  • Stonehenge
  • Leeds Castle
  • Canterbury
  • Shakespeare s Stratford & The Cotswolds (scenic English countryside)
  • Isle of Wight
  • Windsor Castle
  • Hampton Court (Henry VIII s Palace)

Half-Day excursions to:

  • Musicals in London s West End, such as The Lion King, Les Miserables etc.
  • Lewes (old English town with a Norman Castle on the hill)
  • Alfriston
  • Rottingdean (traditional English village)
  • The Cuckmere Valley
  • Beachy Head and Seven Sisters (beautiful coastal landscapes)

Tourism in Brighton

When Brighton became a favorite vacation spot of the Royal Family in the 18th century, much of the high class English society followed suit. As a result, Brighton immediately became synonymous with glamour and sophistication and still today Brighton is very much regarded as a hip place. Watch one of its sporting events held in the city, or enjoy the nightlife in what is one of Europe s liveliest club scenes, or simply stroll along the pier or promenade.

  • The Royal Pavilion: the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, has served as a vacation resort for three English monarchs. Its interior is inspired by Oriental style while its exterior architecture reflects Indian style.

  • Brighton Pier: Brighton Pier was inaugurated on May 20, 1899. Come enjoy the view from the sea of this unique place, and take home the most memorable photos of your stay!

Geography and Climate

Brighton is located in the south of England, on the eastern coast. The region enjoys a mild, sunny climate sunny and warm periods most of the time.

In the winter months, however, the temperature can drop rather low with frequent rainy periods.

Culture in Brighton

Brighton is not only a popular seaside resort surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Sussex Downs, it is also a major university city, which attracts a large British student population to the universities of Brighton and Sussex.

The city is an important educational and cultural centre with an international reputation as one of the most fashionable cities in England. It is also host to some of Britain s most important political conferences.

Brighton is home to the famous 18th Century Royal Pavilion (shown above) and with such a strong student population, it is no surprise that you can also enjoy nightclubs, bars, concerts, museums, and much more.