Study Abroad & Learn English in Hastings

  • One of England's most charming coastal towns
  • Beautifully preserved Old Town
  • Strong local arts community


This bustling East-Sussex town is one of England's most charming seaside destinations. This scenic town is a great place to relax by the beach, discover an eclectic mix of historic architecture, and learn English with native speakers!

Historically, Hastings is perhaps most famous for the influential Hastings Battle of 1066, and today you can still visit the battlefield and the remains of William the Conqueror's first English castle. In the Old Town you'll find some lovely examples of Medieval architecture alongside more ornate Victorian buildings.

The city's historic centre also has a number of attractions which highlight Hastings' nautical heritage, including the Shipwreck Museum and the historic Hastings Fish Market. More recently, Hastings has become a hub for the arts, with many galleries featuring original works by British artists. Visitors to Hastings will also have easy access to London and Brighton.

Whether you feel like learning, relaxing, dining, people watching, or shopping, Hastings has something for you. This is the ideal destination for travellers looking to learn English in an archetypal English town.

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