Study English in St. Julians!

  • Located on the Mediterranean, the warm climate makes it comfortable all year round. 
  • Be inspired by nearby historical sites that can inspire your studies.
  • Take part in the exciting nightlife in Paceville after class.

Get started learning English in magnificent St. Julian’s, Malta. This Mediterranean city is perfect for studying abroad as the climate and atmosphere in Malta stays almost summer like all year round! Due to its location close to a number of European countries it's one of the most preferred destinations for students from all over the world.

In addition to a quite a few historical sites and ruins, Malta also offers its visitors a plethora of leisure activities to enjoy - From diving to knee boarding, there's always something to do after class!

Our school is located in the picturesque town of St. Julian’s, on the east coast of Malta. Once a fishing village, today it is a vibrant town soaked in culture which makes it a perfect location to learn English abroad!