Why Study English Abroad in Mallorca, Spain?

  • Island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain.
  • Ideal location to combine learning with a beach holiday.
  • The welcoming atmosphere stems from the generous people that live there as well as the beautiful land itself.

Enjoy an English language course in the Spanish Balearic islands at our language school on the island of Mallorca in the city of Palma de Mallorca.

The island of Mallorca is the most popular tourist destination in Europe! It is also arguably the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, largely because of the stunning variety of its scenery, the warm hospitality of the islanders and the richness of its food and drink.

Set in the beautiful bay of Palma, famous for its stunning sunsets, the city’s most imposing site is the huge 13th century Cathedral. This beautiful building is close to the 10th Century Arab baths and the gateway to the city’s old quarter of narrow winding streets and ornate squares with many charming street cafés.

Visitors fall in love with the inspiring beauty and tranquility that impressed countless others before them including the composer Chopin and the poet Robert Graves. No matter what your background is, Mallorca is a truly wonderful city and we're certain you'll love it!