Learning English in Boston

Sometimes called “Athens of America”, Boston is where you’ll find some of the United States most treasured monuments to the American Revolution that took place over 200 years ago. Boston is home to around 600,000 people, but make no mistake, this city is dense and as rich as its larger east coast metropolis counterparts. Along its streets you’ll find a mix of colonial architecture blending in with the modern monoliths that have begun to slowly dominate the skyline.

Recently, Boston has come into its own by developing a thriving art scene amidst a business centered city center. Boston’s many universities and colleges continue to attract students from around the world to pursue their passions in science, philosophy and writing. The young population in Boston fuels and shapes the city’s evolving culture and provide an endless source of energy for the greater urban area.

When you come to study in Boston you’re not only learning from the cities culture, but also leaving your mark on this historic city.