Living Accommodations in Boston


You’ll experience what life is like for the average American family as you stay with a host family and become fully immersed in the English language. Host families are carefully selected and visited regularly to ensure that they meet the required quality standards. We only choose quality families who have a genuine interest in international exchange and helping you learn during your stay. Many families live near the school, however, as Boston is very spread out in some areas, commute times can vary.

Room Options:

  • Single Room


Meal Options:

  • Breakfast and Dinner



Our residence is perfect for the more independent student who knows how to take care of themselves for an extended period of time.  Our residence offers students a level of autonomy and luxury while being centrally located in the beautiful downtown Boston core. This is a wonderful option for students that want to be close to everything that Boston has to offer but are prepared to live completely independently! 

Room Options:

  • Single Room (SR)
  • Double Room (DR)