After-class Activities in Boston

During your stay you will have plenty of time to discover the city of Boston, its culture, American traditions and everyday life after your classes. Many of the host families live in or near the city giving you easy access to the most historic city in New England.

You’ll be able to visit attractions such as the famous port of Boston where back in the 18th century The Boston Tea party took place. Explore downtown Boston on a walking tour and be amazed by the towering skyscrapers mixed in with colonial buildings.

Take a walk through Fenway Park on an afternoon stroll when your classes finish. Boston’s vibrant street life make for a number of photo opportunities and the number of small shops plotted all over the city will leave you wandering for hours. History flows throughout the city, and it only takes a little curiosity to uncover it.

A typical itinerary tends to flow something like this…

Week 1: Your mornings begin with your English lessons after which you’ll have free time to go out and explore the city for the afternoon or depending on the day, you can sign up for pre-planned activities such as a guided “Best Burger in Boston” tour or an excursion to Cape Cod. In the evening you’ll be treated to the nightlife and restaurants all over the city.

Week 2: Your second week typically allows you more free time as classes become easier thanks to your now improved English skills. You will again have pre-planned activities such as visiting a College or feel free to take a walk down the Prudential Skywalk. You’re free to venture out and experience Boston in your own way by strolling the market streets or gazing up at the tall buildings in the financial center.