English Course Options

Our program caters to all language levels with set start dates, including the use of course materials and providing a variety of options to enhance your program. All teachers are native speakers, qualified to teach English and are University educated with years of teaching experience. The course will help enhance your speaking, listening, grammar and general comprehension skills. Teachers often facilitate classroom discussions through role-playing and games as well as integrating current political, social and cultural materials to add interest and increase knowledge of the host country and culture.

Program Basics in New York:

  • Open to all language levels
  • Placement test on the first Monday morning of class
  • Maximum 15 students per class
  • One lesson is a minimum of 45 minutes
  • Flexible course length
  • Language proficiency certificate at end of program upon request

Standard Program:

  • 20 group lessons per week (4 lessons daily)
  • 4 workshops per week
  • Course held Monday – Friday
  • 2 weeks minimum
  • TOEFL Exam Preparation Course available (Duration: 12 weeks): Start Dates: Every 4 weeks (exam fee not included). 
  • FCE Exam Preparation Course available (Duration: 12 weeks): Start Dates: Mar 16, Sep 21. Exam Dates: Jun 6, Dec 12. 

Intensive Program:

  • 30 group lessons per week (6 lessons daily)
  • Course held Monday – Friday
  • 1 week minimum

Receive transferable credits for your course:
Undergraduate Credit Through Brookhaven College