Learn German in Austria

Live & Learn German in Austria With Your Own Private Teacher

We offer this unique way to learn German in Austria, studying and living in the home of your own personal teacher. You have the choice of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of personal teaching per week plus 3 meals daily. Programs are suitable for any age of student and all levels of language skills and enables you to learn German in Austria in the most authentic way.

About Austria

When you think of Austria, you might imagine its wonderful food, such as the famous Apfelstrudel, which you must try while you learn German in Austria - or perhaps some of its celebrated composers and the glamorous Viennese balls spring to mind? Or maybe you just think of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What’s clear is that Austria is a diverse country, a mix of beautiful landscapes and rich culture, all of which can be easily explored while you study here. Situated in Central Europe and bordered by a multitude of countries, the Republic of Austria also contains many mountains which are perfect for skiing and hiking in.

Many famous composers and musicians were born in Austria, including Joseph Haydn and Johann Strauss. In addition to music, the country has contributed much to the worlds of theater, film and science, with Sigmund Freud among the most well-known psychologists, so there are plenty of museums and theatres to visit while you complete your German lessons.

Discover beautiful buildings in Austria, including sumptuous Belvedere Palace. Austria’s cuisine is known for tasty dishes such as the Wiener schnitzel, Sachertorte and various strudels that are definitely worth trying before you leave!