Study German in the Home of Your Own Private Teacher in the Basel Region

Basel is located at the intersection of Switzerland, France, and Germany. Historic theatres, impressive museums, and a thriving art scene help make Basel one of the most culturally important cities in Switzerland. This enchanting city even has a fantastic mythical protector, the Basilisk, images of which can be found throughout the city.

Most of the Basel’s historic attractions are found in the walkable area in the medieval old town, between the Basel Zoo and the Rhine. The Rhine runs through the whole city and divides the town into two parts. On the southern and western banks is Grossbasel (Great Basel) with the medieval old town at its centre. Kleinbasel (Little Basel), where most of the best night-life spots are, is on the northern bank. Take the time to explore both sides during your study abroad adventure!

There are over 20 museums in the area, and while they are fascinating and world-famous, there are plenty of other things to do in Basel as well. During the summer months you can swim in the Rhine, stroll through the Merian Gärten (botanical gardens), or see a movie at the open-air cinema. There are also numerous festivals held here throughout the year.

The most famous is the Fasnacht Carnival, which starts the Monday after Ash Wednesday at 4:00 am sharp and goes for exactly 72 hours. The colourful, poetic, somewhat sombre festival is truly spectacular, and Baslers describe it as “the three most beautiful days”. Another major event is the Art Basel Festival which is held in June. This is the world’s most prestigious contemporary art fair and it attracts some of the biggest galleries and collectors worldwide.

The Live & Learn program offers you a unique and truly immersive way to experience this charming city. Your host family will be able to recommend particular places of interest as they get to know you personally through your private, professional German lessons. You’ll also learn that much more quickly and effectively in a place where you can consistently apply your language skills as you learn them. Basel is a wonderful place to learn German, and with its central location, you may even find that you pick up some French and Baseldytsch!

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What We Like About German in The Basel Region:

  • Basel’s location at the intersection of several countries makes it a dynamic city that’s particularly welcoming to visitors.
  • This is a very safe city that’s easy to get around.
  • With a bit of planning you can visit most attractions for free!

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