Learn Italian in Syracuse

  • Visit some of the most beautiful Greek ruins outside of Greece
  • Relax in the spectacular Piazza Santa Lucia
  • Sample famous Sicilian foods like Pasta con le Sarde


Sicily is one of the best places to learn the musical Italian language, and Syracuse is one of its most spectacular cities. This coastal city’s many varied structures and winding alleyways make it one of the most beautiful and rewarding places to walk through.

Since Syracuse fell under the control of several Empires in antiquity it now has incredible examples of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Baroque architecture. Siracusa is a window into the ancient history of the Mediterranean, and the whole city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During your study abroad holiday you can spend pleasant afternoons strolling along the beautiful beaches or swimming in the idyllic Ionian Sea.

This Mediterranean paradise is the perfect destination for history enthusiasts or anyone looking for a true Sicilian experience.