Accommodation Options

Host Family

Many families live near the school and the commute is usually no more than 10-30 minutes. At least one person in the family/neighbourhood will speak basic English. The lifestyle in a Japanese home can be a mixture of traditional/western styles. Futon beds, Tatami mats and western beds/chairs often coexist under the same roof. In most families the bath will be Japanese style (the body is washed before entering the tub).

Room Options:

  • Single Room (SR)
  • Breakfast and Dinner (HB)


Important info about Japanese home stay: Japanese home-life can be very different to North American customs. We recommend students be open-minded and try to experience Japanese life. For example you may be expected to sleep on a futon on the floor. Bathing: you are expected to wash your body before entering the bathtub. Breakfast: This could consist of rice and miso soup. It is crucial that you are respectful and embrace the differences that you experience, but you can be open and honest with your family about your dietary requirements/comfort levels etc.

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