Learn Japanese in Tokyo

  • Tokyo is a business, art, and fashion capital
  • People in Tokyo are incredibly considerate
  • The food in Tokyo is fresh, rich, and delicious


Tokyo is one of the most fascinating, and quite possibly one of the most bizarre cities in the world. Officially called ‘Tokyo Metropolis’, this city is the capital of Japan and home to over 13 million inhabitants. As you explore this weird and wonderful place you’ll surely be impressed by the creative and unique ways the Japanese have come up with to accommodate the population density.

From capsule hotels, scramble crossings like the famous Shibuya crossing, to the ’Shuto-ko’ - a metropolitan expressway perched several stories above ground. Tokyo is huge, but there are lots of ways to get around the city, like the subways, and some of the world’s best taxi services. If you ever find yourself lost, just take it as an opportunity to practice your Japanese! Fortunately Tokyo is also known for having the world’s most helpful locals and the world’s cleanest streets. 

In Tokyo we offer group classes and our unique Live & Learn Program in which you would live and study in the home of your very own private teacher!