Course Options

We offer 7 language levels from beginner to expert and classes usually have 4 students but can have up to 8. Our small classes allow students to maximize their learning potential! The curriculum is based on increasing your ability to use the language in a practical way, and reinforced with "real world" activities outside of class. The school hosts between 7 and 10 activities every week. All teachers are licensed  to teach Japanese as a foreign language by the Japanese Ministry of Education and are constantly creating new teaching materials.

Program Basics in Tokyo:

  • Open to all language levels
  • Placement test before beginning of course
  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • One lesson is a minimum of 50 minutes
  • Students must be familiar with the Hiragana alphabet
  • Flexible course length
  • Language proficiency certificate available at end of program upon request

Private Lessons:

  • Any duration
  • Course held Monday – Friday

Standard Program:

  • 20 group lessons per week (4 lessons daily)
  • Course held Monday – Friday
  • 2 weeks minimum

Japanese PLUS Programs:

  • 20 group lessons per week PLUS
  • 5 hours of workshop per week. Choices as below:
    Conversation - not available to beginners
    Pop Culture - maximum 5 weeks
    Traditional Culture - maximum 5 weeks
    Exam Preparation - September to November only, not available to beginners
    Activities - June to August only
  • Course held Monday – Friday
  • 2 weeks minimum


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