Learn Korean in South Korea

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has recovered from the devastation of the Korean War to become a bustling and sophisticated commercial center, one of the world's coolest cities and a great place to study Korean! There are, however, still many glimpses of its ancient past, including royal palaces, markets, museums and traces of the ancient walls. Seoul has been the nation s capital since 1394 and is still laid out in the traditional square pattern adopted by many Chinese cities. The city was encircled by 16km of high walls, and when it was threatened all nine gates were closed. Four of the gates still remain.

About South Korea

The country known officially as the Republic of Korea, and known around the world as South Korea, is situated in East Asia, next to China, Japan and, of course, North Korea. The country has a diverse landscape, ranging from high mountains to plains and river basins that make it always an adventure to study Korean in Korea. In addition, South Korea has around 3,000 islands, Jeju-do being the largest. This semi-autonomous island is home to the Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes World Heritage Site, as well as Jungmun Beach, with its beautiful white sand and great surfing opportunities - a great place to relax and enjoy yourself while you study Korean in Korea. South Korea also has twenty national parks, and its weather ranges from being hot in the summer, to sometimes very cold during winter. It is all these extremes that make it so exciting to learn Korean in Korea!

South Korea is technologically innovative, and has a rich culture, making it safe and fascinating to learn Korean in Korea. The country’s pottery is celebrated around the world, and traditional performing arts as well as music such as pansori are still practiced. It also has many beautiful buildings which display traditional architectural characteristics and which should be explored if you are going to study Korean in Korea.