Learn Portuguese in Portugal

Learn Portuguese in Faro, Portugal! The Algarve is located in the far south of Portugal, bordered by the Atlantic on two sides, by the mountains in the north and Spain in the east. It is also known for its beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine, excellent golf courses and the dramatic coastlines.

Or why not learn Portuguese in Lisbon, the capital, which is older than Rome and in fact any other western European capital. There are few more immediately agreeable capitals than Lisbon.


Live & Learn in the Home of your Own Personal Teacher in the Lisbon Region:

We offer this unique way to learn a language, studying and living in the home of your own personal teacher. We offer a choice of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of personal teaching per week plus 3 meals daily. Programs are suitable for any age of student and all levels of language skills and for anyone who wants to study Portuguese in Portugal.

About Portugal

The Portuguese Republic is the westernmost European country, located next to Spain. The northern and southern parts of the country are quite dissimilar, the former being more mountainous, while the latter is flatter and warmer. The popular tourist region, the Algarve, is located in the far south of Portugal. The country’s Mediterranean climate allows it to enjoy warm temperatures, and visitors and students who want to learn Portuguese in Portugal can also take in the rich Portuguese culture.

Manueline is the name of the traditional architecture which can be found there, and Portugal has also produced notable figures in the worlds of literature, cinema and music. Fado is a specific genre of Portuguese music which is enjoyed by many, as is the popular type of dance called Fandango. Enjoy the many sounds while you learn Portuguese. Should you decide to visit Portugal, you could try one of the many dishes which contain dry cod, or perhaps one of the country’s fine, celebrated wines!