Learn Portuguese in Faro

  • Faro is a charming coastal town that is small enough to have the feeling of a relaxed seaside escape.
  • Nearby the city are incredible beaches, water sports and golfing.
  • Faro's incredible climate makes it an incredible destination, a wonderful place to learn Portuguese in Portugal!

Learn Portuguese in Portugal, for example in Faro, which is the capital of the Algarve region in the south of Portugal with 42,000 people. Faro has become popular among European tourists for its incredibly sunny seasons and amazing beaches. While it offers just the right escape for those who want to relax on the beach and in resorts the city is full of history and is the ideal starting point to explore the Algarve region or simply just to learn Portuguese in Portugal. It is over 17,000 hectares and is filled with migratory birds during spring and autumn.

The old city center is surrounded by walls and the area that was once the Roman forum now holds the 13th century Cathedral and the 18th century Episcopal palace. Boat trips are available to the Rio Formosa lagoon which is both an exciting nature reserve and beautiful beach. A perfect place for a vacation and a fascinating place to learn Portuguese, Faro can be the trip of a lifetime!