Learn Russian in Moscow

  • It is by far the largest and busiest city in all of Russia making it a great place to start your experience of discovery.
  • It is home to some of the most iconic Russian buildings and cultural institutions.
  • It has an incredible Metro and excellent transportation system making the entire city yours to explore while you learn Russian in Moscow!

Learn Russian in Moscow, the capital and largest city in Russia with 10.5 million people. This makes Moscow the most populated city in all of Europe and, accordingly, its influence and pre-eminence in Russia has been immense. 

“Moscow” means city by the Moskva river and many of the main sites of interest are on the northern bank. Moscow, like many cities, has major “Ring Roads” that encircle it and represent the growing border of the city over time.  Within this first ring are most of the major historical sites with the Red Square and the Kremlin being at the very centre. While these rings serve to divide up the city into neighbourhoods you will likely use the incredible Metro to get around as you live and learn Russian in Moscow. It is the second most used subway system after Tokyo and is considered a landmark in itself for the varied architecture of its many stations. Get familiar with the transportation system and personalizing your experience in Moscow will be the only thing you will need to think about!