Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

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  • Visit the birthplace of Che Guevera
  • Learn to Tango

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires - the capital and largest city in Argentina with a population of 13 million. Due to a great deal of immigration to Argentina the majority of porteños ("people of the port" or Buenos Aires citizens), most inhabitants are of European descent and the cultural influence is evident with the city being referred to the "Paris of South America".

Buenos Aires is an enormous city with a huge diversity of sights and destinations.  Downtown is home to many historical sites and the famed pedestrian Florida Street can be visited. La Boca is a favourite district to visit for its vibrant colours and personality. Buenos Aires also offers a huge diversity of activities with passionate football games, incredible theaters including the historic Teatro Colón for opera, and, of course, Tango. Tango is the national dance of Argentina and offers some of the best dancers and teachers in the world. Interested in culture and musical traditions? Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires - you will be thrilled and excited and the porteños will welcome you to their home. Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires while exploring one of the largest and most diverse metropolis in all of South America!

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