Learn Spanish in Guatemala

  • Amazing Mayan ruins
  • Incredible places for cave swimming and cliff diving
  • Delicious food


Guatemala is a tropical paradise with many spectacular natural and man-made wonders. Although Guatemala is a tiny country, it’s packed with enough diversity to keep you endlessly entertained while you learn Spanish abroad!

In Guatemala you’re sure to have a fun, relaxing, and educational holiday. Here you’ll find upwards of 25 volcanoes, many spectacular beaches, and some of the world’s most mind blowing ancient ruins. The most famous ancient site in the country is coastal Tikal, but there are plenty of other fascinating sites as well, including Yaxha, Uaxactan, and Quirigua. History enthusiasts will surely want to visit the cradle of the Mayan civilization, El Mirador, an archaeological site found deep in the jungle.

Guatemala also has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, most notably the turquoise Lake Atitlan. When you’re not out hiking or exploring Guatemala’s wild side then you can soak up some local culture in one of its enchanting colonial cities.

This fun, fascinating, and welcoming country is just waiting to be discovered. So what are you waiting for? Book your educational adventure to inspiring Guatemala today!

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