Course Options in La Antigua

Our comprehensive Spanish language program caters to all language levels. When you join our program you’ll be provided with full course materials and offered a variety of options to enhance your classes and overall experience. All teachers at the school are native speakers who are qualified to teach Spanish at any level of proficiency.

Your course will help enhance your speaking, listening, grammar and general comprehension skills. Our teachers often use classroom discussions and activities such as role-playing and games. Teachers also integrate current political, social and cultural events into the curriculum to add interest and teach you more about Guatemala!

Program Basics in La Antigua:

  • Classes from Monday to Friday
  • Free Spanish books and materials
  • Free Spanish language tutoring
  • Free Tandem Conversation Program (practice your Spanish)
  • Free coffee & tea
  • On-site snack bar
  • Certificate provided at end of course

Fundamental Spanish Courses:

Standard Course: 20 group lessons per week (50 min/class)

Combination Course: 20 group lessons & 10 private lessons per week

Private Course: 20 private lessons per week

Advanced Spanish Courses:

  • Spanish-American Culture & Civilization
  • Latin American Literature
  • Current Events in Latin America
  • History of Central America
  • History of Latin American Civilization
  • Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • Advanced Spanish Conversation

Specialized Spanish Courses:

Destinations to learn Spanish

Argentina  |  Bolivia  |  Chile  |  Costa Rica  |  Cuba  |  Ecuador  |  Guatemala  |  Mexico  |  Peru  |  Spain