Learn Spanish in Peru

Sometimes spelled as Cuzco or Qosqo, Cusco is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range that is situated 3,400 metres above sea level. It is considered one of the greatest historical sites in South America because it was the captial of the Inca Empire. It is a living museum where it is still possible to perceive the grandeur of remote epochs. A total description or interpretation of Cusco would be a gigantic work requiring thousands of books. This “Navel of the World” has developed one of the most advanced old civilizations in the earth. A “must do” for all students is the opportunity to climb the Inca trail to the ruins of Machu Picchu.

About Peru

Learn Spanish in Peru, officially the Republic of Peru and located on the western, Pacific coast of South America. The country contains three main areas to explore whilst you learn Spanish in Peru: the dry coast, the Andes mountain range, and the jungle of the Amazon rainforest. These different areas and diverse climate zones mean Peru is home to thousands of plant and animal species, which can be found as you learn Spanish in Peru with us. The Huascarán National Park in the Andes contains many uncommon animals, ranging from cougars to a type of hummingbird. Manú National Park is also beautiful and filled with biodiversity.

The country also has some very old artistic traditions to be discovered while you learn Spanish in Peru, including Pre-Inca pottery and sculpture. Later, the Incas built the fascinating and famous Machu Picchu site, situated on a mountain ridge and a must for anyone planning to learn Spanish in Peru. Peru’s cuisine also incorporates many different vegetables and meats. Why not try Pachamanca, a traditional dish, while you learn Spanish in Peru?

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