Study Spanish in Cusco

Learn Spanish in Cusco, a city of 360,000 people in southeastern Peru. It is set high atop the Sierras at 3,400m and is the capital of the province of the same name. Cusco is the historic capital of Peru and was the capital of the Incan Empire. It attracts 1.5 million tourists annually and has become a well known destination for language travellers. The historic Inca capital has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also a convenient departure point for Machu Picchu - another draw for those who come to learn Spanish in Cusco. The city has tripled in population over the past 20 years, with the influx of tourism and developing amenities and infrastructure, and now offers many modern conveniences and comforts alongside incredible historic sites. Those who come to learn Spanish in Cusco will find plenty of cheap public transport and a strong culture and nightlife scene.

The Killke built the original complex of Cusco between 900 and 1200, before it was conquered by the Incas in the 13th century. The Incas expanded the city, built it in the shape of a Puma and divided it into four quarters between four corresponding provinces of the Incan Empire. Over the three centuries of Inca rule, Cusco grew to be a wealthy and powerful city, until the Spanish arrived in 1533 and the colonial force, lead by Pizarro a year later, decimated the Incan civilization. Peru declared independence in 1821 and in 1950 an earthquake destroyed over a third of the city's buildings but leaving the Incan masonry relatively undisturbed.

Today, Cusco shows its layers of history and increasing tourist interest has made the city vibrant and welcoming for those who wish to learn Spanish in Cusco. One of the first sites to visit when you learn Spanish in Cusco is the Qoricancha (the Sun Temple), upon which the Santo Domingo church was built. Fortunately much of the lower temple has remained as it was originally built, so here both Incan and Spanish religious structures can be explored alongside incredible vistas of the city and the surroundings.

Cusco's historic center is built around the Plaza de Armas, another must-see while you learn Spanish in Cusco, where you can find churches, restaurants and some remarkable sections of the Incan walls. The city also boasts many museums showcasing local art. There is also the ChocoMuseo, which details the history of cacao and offers chocolate making workshops. The city is a wonderful place to visit for chocolate or coffee lovers who want to learn Spanish in Cusco. Nearby are incredible cycling trails and rafting rapids for the more adventurous traveller. However, Machu Picchu is a must for anyone planning to learn Spanish in Cusco. Never discovered by the Spanish, it is one of the best preserved Inca sites and is renowned for its incredible mountain setting and as an impressive architectural and engineering achievement. There are few more impressive places in the world and few places more inspiring to learn Spanish than Cusco!

Why Learn Spanish in Cusco?

  • Cusco is surrounded by the staggering natural beauty of Peru.
  • The city has grown with tourism and welcomes visitors especially those who try to speak their language.
  • Cusco is the best place to see the ruins of the incredible Incan civilization and particularly Machu Picchu.

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