Learn Swedish in Sweden


We offer this unique way to learn a language, studying and living in the home of your own personal teacher. We offer a choice of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of personal teaching per week plus 3 meals daily. Programs are suitable for any age of student and all levels of language skills.

About Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden, located in Northern Europe next to Norway and Finland, is a large country with a low population density. Part of it is situated above the Arctic Circle, where the climate is subarctic and, for part of summer, the sun never sets. Most of the country, however, enjoys a temperate climate. Sweden contains some areas of astounding natural beauty, such as Stora Sjöfallet, a national park in Norrbotten County which also is part of the Laponian area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Scandinavian Mountains, containing many glaciers, are also very beautiful and worth visiting if you are interested in climbing.

The country has a rich cultural heritage, and has produced many celebrated authors, artists and musicians. Folk and choral music remain very popular, and the Swedish group ABBA is still a very prominent pop band. If you decide to visit the north of Sweden and you’re feeling brave, you could try Surströmming, also known, rather off-puttingly, as “Scandinavian rotten fish”. It contains fermented herring, and is often eaten outside due to the smell.