Testimonials - Arabic in Rabat

The three weeks that I spent in Rabat were truly incredible. The staff at Languages Abroad really worked to help make sure that I had the best time that I could. The school where a studied provided an excellent learning environment. Not only did I learn a lot about the Arabic language, but I also had ample opportunities to explore the city and the country through the school.

All of the Languages Abroad services were very helpful. I especially appreciated the pre-departure information package that was sent beforehand. This helped me to better understand some of the cultural norms in Morocco and provided other information. All of the support that I received from Languages Abroad personnel, by phone and email, was always helpful, timely, and courteous.

The dormitory accommodations that I stayed in were relatively nice. I liked that it was located in a nicer part of the city. There were always a number of security guards at the front gate so I always felt safe.

I really loved the school. It was located in a nice suburb near a number of different embassies. The facilities, which included a beautiful garden, a computer lab, and a number of classrooms, were all very nice. The instructors were all very professional and knowledgeable. This, coupled with the small class sizes, created a very good learning environment. The administrative staff was also very helpful and friendly as well.

This is a truly incredible experience.  Just remember that every culture is different, so be prepared to feel out of place when you first arrive.  But as you begin to learn more about the people and their lifestyle more, you will have an incredible time.  Just make sure you always keep an open mind.

I would highly recommend the Languages Abroad program for those looking for a good study abroad experience. The staff helped make the booking process extremely simple and painless. I will definitely use the program if I study abroad again in the future. Thanks for allowing me this great experience!”
(Giovanni, age 21)




The website was easy to understand and use. The pre-departure information was detailed and helpful. The staff was helpful and friendly. My room was comfortable and lovely. It was clean and in good order.

I loved the atmosphere of the whole country. It was relaxed, friendly, and welcoming.  I felt at home at the school. The curriculum was challenging, but not impossible. The teacher was friendly and created a good learning environment. If you have the time and money, the experience is worth all you can afford.

I ve always been interested in travel and language.  I had heard that studying in the country a language is spoken is far better than any other method. I was excited to give it a shot. A friend told me about Languages Abroad.  It seemed so practical for me. They were so helpful with the details of my trip that I didn t have to worry. The program itself was fantastic. I didn t want to leave and I can t wait to come back.”
(Naomi, age 20)