Testimonials - Chinese in Beijing

Beijing is an amazing, but very unique, city. There are an amazing number of things to do. It is also a great base to have in China, and a gateway to any other place to visit in Asia.”
(Paul, age 19)


"The program included a good school, good teachers, and surprisingly clean and comfortable accommodations. Generally, my experience of the school was outstanding. My teachers were of good quality, and the clerks were helpful (and patient with my poor Chinese). The government has obviously been striving to make the neighbourhood congenial for foreign students."
(David, age 39)


"A great experience that helped me learn Chinese and live in the culture for two weeks! The host family and accommodation was great. The family was really nice and helped me a lot. Make sure that you are ready for the cultural differences and be prepared to study a lot."
(Connor, age 16)


The learning experience at the Beijing school was great. I learned a lot in my one-on-one sessions. I only wish I could have devoted more than a week to the process. However, my teacher at your school gave me great guidance on how to perfect my Chinese skills on my own. I hope to return to your school for more extensive and intensive studies soon. I would recommend the program to anyone.”
(Leo, age 61)