Testimonials - Chinese in Hong Kong

Cantonese on Hong Kong is the only way to learn Cantonese. With Friendly staff, small classes and college in an excellent location, it’s learning a language made easy.  Languages Abroad was brilliant. I was a bit unsure when I first emailed, but it was very easy and very helpful.

The Cantonese course in Hong Kong was excellent. The college in general was very small, but with small classes came easy learning. It was right in the center of Hong Kong and the teaching staff were all very friendly; not only helping with learning the language, but also places to go, food to eat and things to do while in Hong Kong. If you seem to be struggling, they will help you in every way possible. I missed a few days due to illness and they had no problem helping me with extra classes to help me catch up with everyone else. If learning Cantonese, I would advise everyone to go to Hong Kong because by living in the environment, you definitely learn it faster.”
(Siobhan, age 22)


"My experience was definitely a positive one! I met some great people in class and was able to use them as a support system during my stay in Hong Kong. The language institute in Hong Kong was great! The staff was very accommodating and encouraged everyone to speak the language. The teachers were knowledgeable and friendly. I loved the fact that they told personal stories in Cantonese to help us learn the language. The personal accounts were informative as well as entertaining. The school itself was small, but quite busy at times. There were lots of students, all ages, which was a plus. The location of the school was in the heart of Hong Kong - fun place! The staff at Languages Abroad were helpful and efficient. They were able to answer most of my questions in a timely manner. If you re thinking about it, definitely do it! There s nothing like being totally immersed in the language and culture."
(Terry, age 32)