Testimonials - French in Paris

“It was wonderful. I was in Paris for 3 weeks and studied with the Languages Abroad program. I really enjoyed getting to know Paris and learning the language at the same time. The people at the program were very nice, excellent instructors and helpful. All in all, it was a great 3 weeks!

I am an older woman who loves the French language. The teachers and other very young students couldn t have been nicer to me. It was a wonderful experience. I will do it again!”
(Mary, age 60)


My experience was amazing. I am speechless! I spent the weekday mornings in a classroom with up to 11 other students from all over the world (Japan, Panama, Chile, Holland, Italy, Finland and more!). After class I would travel around Paris with my new friends and take in the Parisian culture. I believe that other than relocating yourself to another country, this is the best way to fully immerse yourself and enjoy a new culture! I want to thank Languages Abroad for this opportunity!!  I really appreciate it!”
(Rebecca, age  20)


"I had an excellent experience in France in every possible respect. The class sizes were small and the teachers were engaging and very responsive to my questions and concerns. My host family was absolutely awesome. They welcomed me as a member of their own family and were very outgoing; allowing me to practice the spoken language for hours every night. I would say that the thing that I ll take away for the rest of my life from this experience is the friends that I made within my class. I formed close bonds with people that had very different cultural and linguistic backgrounds than myself."
(Shreyas, age 24)


"The program was extremely flexible about the changes I needed to make in dates. The instructors and accommodation were also exceptionally good. I found it was quite a bargain to get that level of instruction and that quality of accommodation for the price I paid. The family was extremely accommodating, very engaging and very interested in my visit to Paris. They often invited friends who had recently visited the US to come over for dinner and I greatly enjoyed getting to know them. Don t get frustrated if you feel a little lost the first few days. Once you get used to the immersion environment, it gets much easier. Remember to learn at your own pace; don t feel like you have to move up every time class sections are re-assigned."
(Chandler, age 30)