Testimonials - German in Düsseldorf

The experience was the best. I am extremely pleased with all aspects of the class. I am planning going again next year. With the knowledge that I gained during this time, I am going to enroll my daughter in another class offered by Languages Abroad. The direction of the class made it easy for any person to learn the language. If you have the chance I would say do it. You might not be able to do this again. If you are new to the language then I might suggest taking a longer class than the two week program.

The experience was great. The chance to not only learn another language but to travel around the area while you are there is something that I would say that everyone should do. From a person that has spent most of their life in foreign countries. It never gets old to spend more time overseas. ICH HABE GUTE ZEIT!”
(Dwayne, age  42)


From the first day until the last my experience was amazing. I learned more in two weeks than in six months in college in America. I highly recommend traveling with Languages Abroad and I am looking forward to doing another 4 weeks soon. This course is a must do if you are looking to learn any foreign language. Thank you for the greatest experience of my life. The school program is the best. They really make sure you learn and understand everything. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. It does require one’s efforts as well, but if you’re serious about learning a language, this is my only school choice. If you are considering this school, think no more - you will never regret it.”
(Sylvia, age 38)