Testimonials - German in Frankfurt

What a great experience to meet people from all over the world! Teachers and students are friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is relaxed. Frankfurt has many beautiful parks and interesting museums. Local people are friendly. The school was very good, teachers competent and friendly. If you are looking for an adventure, no matter what your age, learning and living a language is the way to do it. Being with people younger than you is both a humbling and rewarding experience.”
(Rita, age 60)


The German language program exceeded my expectations. All of the teachers and students were really friendly and helpful. One teacher in particular, Doro Lottes, went above and beyond for me. I also bonded with my fellow students right away.  I was amazed to have met students from all over the world. My advice would be to learn as much of the language as possible before traveling to a new country. As soon as I landed, I needed to be able to ask for directions and where to find the correct tram and train. It helped to have some knowledge of the German language.
(Kim, age 34)


As a Senior student, I had a positive experience for my two weeks at Languages Abroad. I looked forward to attending classes daily with our teacher. The staff was very helpful and our teacher was terrific as she included all four aspects of a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The class consisted mostly of university-aged students, but I never felt that I did not belong. The school is easily accessible and is close enough to stores and restaurants should one wish to make use of these.

The information regarding pre departure, necessary papers, ideas of what to bring, accommodation, classes offered and check lists provided by the Languages Abroad staff was very informative and helpful, and it was easy to contact a "real" person, if a question arose. Languages Abroad was a positive experience for a Canadian senior who is interested in learning German later in life. I was not obliged to spend an entire semester, but could choose the length of time I wished to study. I would recommend that you give it a try!”
(Cheryl, age 62)


"It was a great experience. You get to fully experience the culture by living with a family and improve your language of study by talking with your host family. Also, by the end of the program you ve made great friends from many different countries. There were great activities, trips to the vineyards, movies, walking tours, international food night, and a wine tasting course."
(Kelly, age 23)