Testimonials - Italian in Florence

"Overall my experience was amazing. I stayed with possibly the kindest family in all of Florence. When I was initially very homesick, my host mother was extremely kind to me and really helped me to feel at home. The classes were very pleasant and upbeat. It was a mixture of necessary exercises and embracing conversation. I was very glad that the teachers did not use English because it really forced me to focus on understanding.

Overall, this experience was a great opportunity to get in touch with myself and really learn how to be independent. One promise I can make: You will never go hungry in Italy! The service provided my Languages Abroad was very thorough and hassle free. I didn t have to worry about anything during the trip because it was so well planned."
(Michelle, age 17)


Florence is a really neat city to study in. Florence is also a great base to use to explore the surrounding cities. The teachers were really nice and the school offered excursions (at a cost) on the weekends. The apartment was located just outside the city center and was cleaned regularly by the owner, which was very nice. The teachers at this school were great and very eager to help the students.  I actually felt bad when I did not have questions to ask. They were all very nice, especially my teacher!”
(Jennifer, age 21)


"The class was just what I needed. While it was difficult at first as everything was in Italian, the instructors were sensitive to each student and made the effort to get everyone to understand. Tip: Come to class prepared with dictionary. Plan to get together with your fellow students after class."
(Robert, age 59)


"It was a great experience for anyone who wants to learn the language and be immersed in the culture of Firenze. My language skills and confidence skyrocketed in the first couple of days. I loved it and I hope to return again and again to continue my studies.

My host family was great. At first I felt like I was a little bit too far away from school as some of my classmates were within walking distance. But as I settled in, I began to appreciate that I was a little further removed from town. (I was about 10 kilometers from school). Signora Casalini was the best housekeeper I have ever seen. Everything was so clean and perfect. I actually tried to find dust anywhere--and I couldn t. The food was unbelievable. Too much food. But culturally, that is how Italians eat so I tried to enjoy it and appreciate it. It was great.

Embrace it. Don t go if you are going to skip class or have a mental block about getting in to it. Take advantage of all of the cultural (outside of class) activities that are offered. They are either free or very very affordable and you don t get that kind of opportunity very often. Languages Abroad provides one of the most comprehensive and enjoyable experiences of Florence that you could have! I hope to return to continue my studies and I certainly will utilize the Languages Abroad program to do so."
(Kathi, age 49)