Testimonials - Russian in Moscow

I studied for one month in Moscow during the summer. I had such a great time that I am going back again this summer! Languages Abroad provided a helpful service in planning the perfect program to study abroad. The staff was wonderful, and I attended one of the best language schools I have ever been to. The school could not be more comforting, reassuring, and supportive. The staff, other students, and overall atmosphere was great! My host family was amazing. I still remain in close contact with them. We treat each other as if we are literally part of each other s families!”
(Adam, age 21)


My host family was wonderful beyond belief; she went shopping with me one Saturday and even had a friend accompany me to a Russian orthodox church service when she worked too late to take me herself. When I left for the airport at 4:30 a.m., she and her son went with me, which helped a great deal as the taxi driver was headed to the wrong airport!

The experience was the opportunity of a lifetime. I enjoyed meeting other students. It is a chance of a lifetime to meet people and see other countries. I am already planning my return trip with Languages Abroad!”
(Maureen, age 61)