Testimonials - Spanish in Barcelona

I enjoyed my time abroad very much! The staff at Languages Abroad made things short, efficient, and to the point. They were very helpful in booking my trip. I LOVED Barcelona.

I enjoyed my trip a lot and I was so sad to come home! It went by so fast and I loved my experience there! I really enjoyed my time in Barcelona, I made lifelong friendships and can t wait to study abroad again!”
(Briana, age 19)


This was an awesome program!!! The classes were great. The shared apartment was right in the center of the city and very close to the school. It was nice that the roommates were from many other countries because you get to know and be around people of different cultures. The service was excellent. All of my questions were answered promptly, and the staff was very friendly. If I do another program next summer, I would plan on going through Languages Abroad.

The school had an excellent location, right in the center of the city, 15 minute walk from the beach, and was in a nice building on one of the main streets in Barcelona. The classes were structured very well, and I definitely learned a great deal of Spanish there. The teachers were friendly and very helpful. The atmosphere was very welcoming, if you needed help with anything they would be more than willing to help out. I definitely recommend Languages Abroad.”
(Yuliya, age 21)


It was one of the best experiences I ve ever had. My host mom was so nice and really tried to help me learn the language, not to mention a great cook! It was also a great way to meet kids from all over the world and make lifelong friends. Everything was really well organized. I was sent the exact address of my host mom s apartment and when I arrived I had perfect directions to the school.

The school location is really nice, it s a short walk from Las Ramblas. It s a really nice building with remodelled classrooms. The teachers and students were all great. I loved the program and I will use it whenever I plan to study another language in a different country.”
(Lauren, age 18)