Testimonials - Spanish in Buenos Aires

"The services provided were outstanding; helpful at every step along the way. It was a great location with an educational atmosphere, the classes were helpful, the instructors intelligent, and my fellow students were great to be around. It was a great experience that I didn t want to end. I learned a ton of Spanish, a lot about South America, and had a wonderful Argentinean adventure. Thanks.”
(Kyle, age 28)


"The best decision I have ever made. The classes were both challenging and rewarding. I was very impressed with the classroom instruction, and felt that I absolutely achieved my goal of increasing my level of comprehension... and obviously I speak Spanish better now, too! [...] It was the best experience of my life!"
(Jay, age 49)


I loved my time with Languages Abroad. My classes were so much fun and I really feel that I learned a lot in them.  All of the professors that I had were interesting and seemed interested in their students. I loved my host family. I was extremely comfortable in their house and considered it my own while I was there. This is a great program and I loved my experience.”
(Maureen, age 19


I had an absolutely lovely time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I really loved staying with my host family, which was just one older woman. She treated me like I was her own daughter! The school location was excellent (right in the center of everything and next to the train station) and I really enjoyed the teachers, the classes, and the staff. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful up to the very last day! I was sad to leave and I am definitely planning to return.”
(Samantha, age 23)