Testimonials - Spanish in Playa del Carmen

The apartment was great. It was in the perfect location -- right at the school, and only about four blocks from the beach and the main pedestrian area with all its shops and restaurants. There were also a lot of restaurants located right near the school within walking distance so there s no problem getting food or to a store for anything you need. Christine brought me over to the new building which you will be using shortly and that is just around the corner so it has a great location, too. Also, there are Colectivos right outside of the school if you need to go anywhere and don t want to pay for a taxi. The apartment was nice and roomy, and it was cleaned frequently.

The classes are small so you have a lot of interaction with the teachers, which gives you more opportunity to speak and practice. I liked the casual atmosphere of the school because it put me at ease right away. The teachers were great -- I learned an amazing amount of material in just one week. They engage the students in a variety of games and activities in which they can use their Spanish during class, as well as provide fun extra-curricular activities. For example, we had Salsa and cooking classes and we rented Spanish movies to watch. One day we even rented Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, watched it with the Spanish subtitles, then discussed Mayan history and how it related to the movie afterwards - very fun!. Outside of class we took a trip to swim with the dolphins at Puerto Aventuras, and on the weekends the students went on trips to places like Tulum, Xel Ha or Merida, etc.

Your service was great, all of my emails and phone calls were responded to quickly, and all my questions answered.  Your pre-departure materials were thorough and provided me with all of the information I needed to go on my program.”


Unfortunately I was able to attend only the first week of a two-week program because I was injured in an accident and had to return to the United States. But I very much enjoyed the first week. I was in an advanced class and had lots of experience in just conversing and understanding conversation. Plus, of course, some good improvements in my grammar. I was glad to realize that my vocabulary was sufficient to talk about a wide variety of subjects. It was easy to increase my vocabulary because I was using the words in actual situation, not just memorizing vocabulary lists. My instructor was very congenial.

I was in a home with 2 other adults, and our hostess (Isabel) lived in the apartment upstairs, but she spent a good amount of time in the morning and evening talking with us to help us with conversation, and she was very amiable. Our 3 teenagers had a wonderful time, and I am sure that this trip will be something that they will remember fondly for a long time.”
(Victoria, age 63)


"The communication with the staff at Languages Abroad was excellent. Everything was exactly as described and better! Our learning experience was very positive and what took several months to learn in a typical setting only took a matter of days!!! Our teacher was excellent!!! One of the best learning trips I have ever been on! The staff was willing to answer any questions and helped through the entire process! My wife and I loved it so much we are trying to decide when and where we are going to go next! Great company, great people and great language training! Awesome, every question answered, very prompt responses, great communication. Our apartment in Playa was way better than expected.  I have been to Mexico several times and this was the best accommodations besides a resort that I have stayed in. Clean and comfy.

Great School.  We loved our teacher!  She really cared about our learning and us. School staff was very helpful with any question that we had also. The only downside to Playa is all the tourists. We went in December to avoid all the people but it was still very touristy. But for our first time it was probably a good transitional trip.

Go for it!  You will not be disappointed if you really want to learn a language. Go for as long as you can and get the most out of the opportunity to learn and live the language! I was hesitant about going but Languages Abroad was there to answer all my questions and the school was great.  I have studied in a university and didn t learn as much there as I did in a week at school abroad!  It was awesome and can not wait to do it again!
(Andrew, age 23)