Testimonials - Live & Learn in Beijing

A great experience that helped me learn Chinese and live in the culture for two weeks! Make sure that you are ready for the cultural differences and make sure to bring everything you need. Be prepared to study a lot!”
(Connor, age 16)


The overall goal--to improve my speaking and listening ability in Chinese--was achieved. It gave me a lot of confidence that I can become more comfortable. This was the first time that Wang Man had welcomed a language student into her home. She and the other family members (including her parents) could not have taken more effort to make me feel at home.

Also, if a future student is not self-reliant (taking the subway, finding things to do, etc.) then the location is quite distant from the center of Beijing. I have been to Beijing a number of times and know my way around town quite well.

Wang Man is an excellent teacher, however, and she bought a very good textbook mid-week in my stay that improved our lessons substantially. I also took the initiative to talk more, use the vocabulary in the lessons more, and get away from fairly rote use of an outdated book.”
(Kathryn, age 59)