Testimonials - Live & Learn in Paris

I enjoyed the hospitality extended by the host families. I felt like I were part of their families. Of course, I also learned quite a bit of French through conversations with the hosts. I look forward to doing this again next summer. The service provided by Languages Abroad was very good. We are happy with the whole process.

I think that it was helpful that I already had 6 years of French prior to going there. With this experience, I  was able to start conversing with my hosts in French. It would be quite challenging for those who don t understand any French. I had a wonderful experience in Paris with the hosts, the culture, the language, the food, etc. I look forward to next summer with the Live-and- Learn program.”
(Andrea, age 21)


"I stayed with a local family in St Cloud, suburb of Paris. The location is very safe and convenient, near the train station. I took lessons 3 hours daily and spent my afternoon visiting sites in Paris. The family let me participate in all aspects of their life. Only French was spoken and I felt was rapidly immersed in the language. It was a wonderful experience."
(David, age 36)


The accommodations and meals were fabulous. The host family, the Falconettis, was superb. I believe I had such an amazing trip entirely because of them! I was very fortunate to have such a wonderful and educational experience abroad. I stayed with an extraordinary couple who went above and beyond the given task to make me feel comfortable and make this an amazing and memorable trip.”
(Lisa, age 28, Five Star Program)