Spanish School in Sucre

Our fully-equipped Spanish language school is located in the heart of Sucre, just a few blocks away from the city centre. Its central location gives students access to a variety of amenities and attractions, including museums, historic churches, charming parks, lovely shops, delicious restaurants, and lively bars. Classes are taught in the morning, which leaves the afternoons open for cultural activities or excursions.

The school is a 2 story building with free wifi, 7 classrooms, a kitchen, 2 terraces, an indoor patio, and a student lounge where student can watch movies, study, and socialize. Courses are a minimum of one week but the longer your trip, the more you'll learn about Bolivian culture and the Spanish language. We recommend that beginners spend 8-12 weeks, Intermediate level students study for 4-8 weeks, and Advanced learners take 2-4 weeks. The school can accommodate about 40-50 students at a time and students will have access to a swimming pool, computers & fax machines, and beverages during breaks.