Study French in the Home of Your Own Private Teacher in France

France is a spectacularly diverse place with world-renowned museums, architecture, food, art, and much more! With so many amazing attractions, it’s no surprise that France is the most visited country in the world.

The Live & Learn program will give you a unique and truly immersive learning experience. When you live and study with a host family you’ll get to experience authentic French culture, and your hosts will be able to recommend particular destinations and activities as they get to know you personally through your private, professional French lessons.

Thanks to its similarity to English you’ll likely find French easier to pick up than many other languages, which will allow you to get that much more out of your study abroad experience! Our Live & Learn programs are available in a variety of wonderful regions throughout the country.

Brittany is located in the north-west of France and was settled by the Breton people, who fled from Britain. The region has a strong sense of independence and a unique Celtic culture, making it a fascinating destination to live and study in. Here you’ll find cool coastal cities, verdant countryside, and ancient and mysterious Breton megaliths.

Cote D’Azur, or the French Riviera in English, is the most visited region in France after Paris, and has famously beautiful towns like St. Tropez, Nice, and Cannes. Each of these beautiful cities has its own unique charms, and all are perfect places to study French! The Cote D’Azur has amazing weather, glamorous cities, incredible Mediterranean coasts, inspiring artists, and more.

Haute-Savoie is a small but enchanting region bordering Switzerland and Italy. Here you’ll find charming villages nestled in the Alps, incredible ski resorts, the beautiful Lac Leman, and more. Residents of this region take pride in their culture and lifestyle, which can be described as typiquement Savoyard. This is the perfect Live & Learn destination for those who are interested in experiencing small-town life in France.

The Loire Valley is known as both the “Garden of France” and the “Cradle of the French Language”. This beautiful region has lovely landscapes with clear rivers, elegant chateaus, and world-renowned wineries. The people of the Loire Valley, particularly those from the city of Tours, are also known for speaking French with a neutral accent, which is particularly beneficial for international travellers studying the language.

Normandy is situated in Northern France, along the English Channel. Settled by the Normans, this region is best known for the WWII battle of the same name. Today Normandy is famous for its oysters and calvados, a distilled apple cider. It’s a beautiful rural area filled with historical sites and incredible coastlines, making it a delightful place to live and study abroad.

The Paris region, also known as Île de France, includes Paris, its outlying suburbs, and a number of nearby towns in the countryside. Many consider Paris to be the most beautiful and most romantic city in the world. With a fascinating and tumultuous history, and iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, it’s no wonder this is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Provence extends from the French Riviera all the way to the Alps in south-eastern France. Painters and other artists have been inspired by the beauty of this pastoral province for centuries. Provence is also particularly famous for its food; Julia Child was very inspired by this region’s cuisine during her year in Marseilles.

Since Provence is calm and easily traversed by car or bicycle, we recommend bringing a picnic of the incredible local food and wine out to some of the peaceful Roman ruins or picturesque local beaches. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Provence is one of the most popular holiday destinations in France.

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Why Study French in France?

  • With so many distinct regions, you’re sure to find a destination that’s perfectly suited to your particular tastes.
  • France is easy to get around and it's location makes it an ideal starting point for exploring other parts of Europe.
  • When you live in a French home you’ll get an authentic insight into the regional culture and you’ll get to you experience French home cooking.