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About The Netherlands

The Netherlands, located in North-West Europe, is a small but diverse country with many qualities and traditions! Often called Holland (which is a province within the Netherlands), this Dutch speaking country is known for is flatlands, flowers, windmills, canals and clogs.

The country is perhaps the most beautiful in spring when colorful fields filled with tulips emerge to greet the summer months ahead. Many of the windmills were used to remove water from land lying below sea level. The country also has 20 national parks, as well as lakes, sand dunes and forests. There are also a few long beaches along the North Sea coast, which are particularly popular during the summer.

There have been many famous painters in Dutch history, including Vincent van Gogh and the infamous Rembrandt. Dutch cuisine includes a wide selection of meats sometimes in the form of spiced sausages and no dish would be complete without a slice of Gouda, Edam and or Leerdammer cheeses. Sea food is also popular, like pastries such as Oliebollen that are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve.