Accommodation Options

Host Family

Living with a local host family is the most effective way to become fully immersed in the language and culture. All families are carefully selected and visited regularly to ensure quality standards. We choose only quality families who have a genuine interest in international exchange. Many families live near the school, however, as Sydney is a large city, the commute can be up to 45 minutes.

Room Options:

  • Single Room (SR) or Double Room (DR)

Meal Options:

  • Breakfast and Dinner (HB)


The hostel is located a 20-40 minute bus ride away from the school and close to Darling Harbour. Facilities include a BBQ area, internal courtyard, laundry room with washing machines and driers and a dining hall. Living in a student hostel is a great way to meet travelers from countries around the world.

Room Options:

  • Single Room (SR)

Meal Options:

  • Meal vouchers (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) can be purchased separately

Get general information about our accommodation options and find out more about staying with a Host family which is available in Sydney.