Activities & Excursions in Ottawa

During your stay you will have plenty of time to discover the area and city around Ottawa, its culture, local traditions and everyday life of citizens after your classes. The residence, school, and many of the host families live in and or near the city giving you easy access to one of the most historical and important city in Canada.


You’ll be able to visit nearby attractions such as a tour of the parliament buildings or biking and or kayaking the cities pristine roads and canal. Take in the sights of the museums and monuments that can be found just about every corner and if you manage to get to all them with time to spare, take a day trip to nearby Montreal and experience all French Canada has to offer. 

A Typical Itinerary

Week 1: Your mornings begin with your English lessons after which you’ll have free time to go out and explore the city for the afternoon or depending on the day, or you can join in pre-planned activities such as a visit to a Canadian College/University, or touring Canada’s Museum of Science and Technology. There is also a weekend excursion trip to Montreal!

Week 2: Your second week typically allows you more free time as classes become easier thanks to your now improved English skills. You will again have pre-planned activities such as going to the Canadian Museum of History or run through a maze as toy play laser tag with your fellow students! You’re free to venture out and experience Ottawa in your own way by walking around the famous buildings and unique streets in Canada’s capitol.