English Course Options in Ottawa

In our program we’re able to cater to all levels of language fluency when students first arrive at the school. Full course materials as well as a variety of enhancement options for the chosen program are provided on the get-go so that students can make the most out of their trip. All of our teachers at each school are required to be native English speakers and qualified to teach English as a second language. Through our course students will help develop and enhance their English proeffenciey and comprehension skills given them the best learning experience available.

Part Time Program in Ottawa:

The part time course provides and introduces the English language in a natural setting, while also leaving students with time to explore the city of Ottawa and the Canadian culture. There are two lessons a day each 45 minutes long for a total of 10 lessons per week.

Standard Program:

The standard course helps students develop their English fluency and helps ensure that proper grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation components used with actual language use. There are four lessons per day each 45 minutes and a total of 20 lessons per week.

Intensive Program:

The intensive course is the ideal program for eager students to quickly develop their English language fluency. Additional lessons are able to provide students with an opportunity to focus on the various aspects of English while exploring their destinations of choice. This course has six lessons a day, 30 lessons in a week, and each lesson is 45 minutes long.

Super Intensive Program:

The super intensive course is an extreme version of the intensive course where students are able to really challenge themselves academically in their language studies. Students will take up to 8 lessons per day from Monday to Friday. In addition this course is recommended for anyone looking to enter a university in North America, the United Kingdom, and Malta.