Study Abroad & Learn English in England

England is an enchantingly beautiful country with plenty to offer international students. Here you’ll find a variety of fascinating historical sites, exciting cities, the famously sublime English countryside, and much more. We’re thrilled to be able to offer group English classes at schools across the United Kingdom and England! Each city has its own unique charms and thanks to the UK’s small size you’ll be able to travel easily to other destinations in England from whichever location you choose to study in!

England has plenty of iconic attractions – Big Ben, Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, The London Eye…(the list goes on!) – but the best part of living and studying in this amazing country is that you’ll get to experience everyday life.

The British people are famous for their welcoming pub culture and sense of humour, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to practice your language skills. There are also plenty of exciting events throughout the year. Music Festivals and sports (like football/soccer) are big here, and there are many outdoor activities to choose from!

The UK is an exciting place to live and study thanks to its rich mix of history, culture, global influences, and opportunities. Check out our program options and start planning your adventure today!

We offer special discounted Group Rates at our schools in Brighton, Exmouth and London for groups with a minimum of 15 students wanting to learn English in England.

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