Accommodation Options in Cambridge

Host Family

Living with a host family is one of the best ways to experience a new language and culture. We make sure that all of our host families are genuinely interested in international exchange and check in with them regularly. All homestays are 20-40 minutes away from the school by walking or public transportation.


Room Options:

  •  Single Room (SR)



  • Breakfast & Dinner (HB)



Student Residence (18+)

Have fun living with other international students in our sleek and modern student residence. Living in residence is one of the best ways to make friends and practice your English. Our residence is surrounded by lush gardens and is just a 5 minute walk from the city centre. You can walk to school from the residence in 30 minutes or you can get there in 15 minutes by bike or bus.


Room Options:

  • Single room with private bathroom



  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Self-catering



  • Large communal kitchen
  • Shared lounge area
  • Swipe card entry
  • Wifi
  • Bed linens & towels are provided and washed
  • On-site laundry


Please contact us with any additional questions. We're happy to help!