Study Abroad & Learn English in Malta

The Republic of Malta is a country in the south of Europe which is made up of a string of beautiful islands in the middle of the Mediterranean, around 100 km from Sicily. While it’s a fairly small country, it is very popular among tourists and has no fewer than nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. People live on only the three largest islands, which include Gozo, Comino and, confusingly, Malta Island. Bays are common around the coastlines, and the land is fairly flat or has low hills – the highest reaching just 253 m. In addition to the country’s impressive beaches, such as that at Ghajn Tuffieha, the mild winters and warm summers are what help attract many of its tourists.

Following British rule, Malta’s official languages now include Maltese and English. The cultures of many of the country’s past rulers have also influenced its own culture; however some traditions are still maintained, such as gana - a fascinating type of Maltese music. Malta also boasts some beautiful architecture, including the prehistoric Megalithic Temples. In addition to visiting some of those, you could also sample the pastizzi, a Maltese pastry snack with a delicious filling.

An effective and yet exciting way to learn English or further your existing knowledge of it is to take an English course in Malta. English study abroad programs are very popular because the language is spoken by hundreds of millions of people and, during an era of internationalization and globalization, it is becoming increasingly important in people’s private and professional lives.

Malta, as a former British Crown Colony, is an ideal place to learn English because it is the first state and cultural language of this small island. With an English program at one of our wonderful schools in Malta you can combine an effective English course with an exciting holiday.  You could have an unforgettable experience as you immerse yourself in the interesting Maltese culture and learn about the country’s traditions and idiosyncrasies.

Due to Malta’s location in the Mediterranean, the island offers beautiful beaches, amazing nature, Mediterranean climate and a true holiday feeling. Only here can you meet people who have an Italian temperament, a Spanish attitude to life and who can chat to each other in excellent English – it s the ideal environment for an English course. You’ll quickly see that, in such surroundings, learning becomes almost effortless. During your course make sure to take advantage of any excursions to the surrounding towns and islands near your school in St. Julian’s or St. Paul’s Bay.

We offer special Group Rates in our School in Malta - St. Julians and St. Paul's Bay - for groups with a minimum of 15 students.

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