Learn French in France

Learn French in Nice, our most popular location in France, located in southern coast. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, this city enjoys a wealth of fine architecture, haute culture. Very cosmopolitan, upscale town with great nightlife.

Learn French in Paris, located in the 9th arrondissement and truly one of the world's most beautiful cities. It is bursting with opportunities, monuments, galleries, landmarks, paintings, sculptures, designs, theaters, and fashion houses.

Learn French in Tours, situated in the heart of central France, where the climate is mild and the countryside is beautiful. Leonardo da Vinci, Rabelais, Ronsard and Balzac once lived here. Filled with hundreds of chateaux and vineyards, Tours is a great destination for both history enthusiasts and wine lovers.


Language Traveller Program:

Learn French as you travel in France! With our Language Traveller Program, you can study French in 3 different cities over 3 months. Experience the regional differences in both culture and language across France by learning French in Paris, Tours and Nice.


Live & Learn in the Home of your Own Personal Teacher in France:

We offer this unique way to learn a language, studying and living in the home of your own personal teacher. We offer a choice of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of personal teaching per week plus 3 meals daily. Programs are suitable for any age of student and all levels of language skills.

French Language Programs for Teens:

We offer a choice of language and activity programs for teenagers, in residential language summer camps or private language schools with other international students for ages 13 - 17.

About France

La France, or L’Hexagone, is the largest country in Western Europe, and has an equally impressive geography and history, about which you will discover much as you learn French in France. Its climate varies from temperate in the north, to Mediterranean in the south-east.

In addition to beautiful beaches along the Côte d Azur, there are the impressive, snowy Alps and the beautiful Pyrenees – these areas of natural beauty combined with France’s famous cities and culture (and don’t forget Disneyland Paris) attract one of the highest numbers of tourists of any country in the world, including thousands each year who come to learn French in France.

Numerous châteaux are scattered around France’s beautiful countryside, and many other sites of historical interest are there to be discovered when you learn French in France, such as the fortified town of Carcassonne.

France has a very distinguished history of successful painters, particularly impressionists, including Monet, Cézanne and Degas, all of whose work can be seen as you learn French in France. Yet another highlight of French culture is its cuisine. A gourmet dish still popular in France is steak tartare that's composed of raw minced beef and often served with a raw egg on top.

If you aren’t keen on risking your health and don’t want to try grenouille or escargot, you might prefer a nice glass of French wine while you learn French in France, perhaps accompanied by some local cheese and a baguette.