Study German in The Home of Your Own Private Teacher in Germany

Germany is a vibrant, cosmopolitan country with dynamic urban landscapes, stunning natural spaces, impressive historic sites, and a warm and welcoming culture. When you study German in Germany you’ll get to experience the abundant and diverse attractions that make this country a first-rate travel destination.

Germany’s many regional identities provide travellers with a variety of distinct experiences, and we’re happy to offer the Live & Learn program in this enchanting country! If you’d like to study somewhere that’s not on the list, just contact us, and we’ll find a teacher for you.

Bavaria is the region that most foreigners imagine when they think of Germany. This south-eastern province is where you’ll find the iconic Black Forest, the Alps, and the Danube. It’s also the region where Lederhosen was once popular and where people continue to celebrate Oktoberfest.

Bavarians have a distinct cultural identity, and are internationally renowned for brewing some of the world’s best beers. This province is also home to Neuschwanstein Castle, which inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom. Whether you’re interested in studying in Munich, Nuremberg, Schwangau, or even the idyllic German countryside!

Berlin is a vital and engaging city unlike any other. Here you’ll find some of Germany’s most forward-thinking artists, innovative architecture, and thought-provoking monuments. Just walking through Berlin can feel like a history lesson right down to the functional Ampelmann pedestrian traffic light symbols in East Berlin.

Berlin is also famous for its incredible nightlife and is considered to be the capital of European Techno. Connect with the alternative, youthful, and creative side of Germany by studying in Berlin!

Freiburg, nicknamed the "Jewel of the Black Forest", is a laid-back university town, located near both the French and Swiss borders. This charming city is famous for its picturesque Medieval Old Town, stunning natural landscapes, and delicious locally-grown food.

This lovely hidden gem is also a great starting point for travelling to other parts of Central Europe, including France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourgh.

Heidelberg is a scenic riverside location with beautiful old bridges and breathtaking castle ruins as well as one of the most romantic cities in Germany. Here you’ll find Heidelburg castle – one of the best examples of German Renaissance architecture, lively festivals, theatrical performances, and firework displays.

Two of the biggest attractions are the Heidelburg Castle Festival, an arts festival which lasts from June to August and the Heidelberg Christmas Market. No matter the season, you’re sure to find plenty of activities to keep yourself occupied and entertained in this wonderful city.

Stuttgart is a delightful green city in south-western Germany. When you study in Stuttgart you can visit contemporary museums like the Mercedez Benz Museum & Porsche Museum, historic castles, the Wilhelma, and more!

The Wilhema is a former palace, the oldest zoo in Germany, and Europe’s only large combined zoological and botanical garden. When you’re not visiting Stuttgart’s many attractions then you can hang out with the locals in Neues Schloss Park.

Westphalia is roughly the region in between the Rhine River and the Weser River, and includes Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Dortmund, Bonn, Aachen, and the Rhine Valley. The Rhine has more castles along it than any other river in the world, and these impressive structures help make Westphalia one of Germany’s most beautiful provinces.

Frankfurt and nearby Wiesbaden are just 40 minutes away from one another, and together they offer the perfect combination of attractions for those interested in German culture. Frankfurt is the financial capital of Europe and has amazing restaurants, impressive museums, and a delightful Old Town, making it the perfect place for an urban German experience.

Wiesbaden, which means "meadow baths" as it has 14 natural hot springs and one of Europe’s oldest spa towns. This lovely town has been called Nice of the North and it’s the perfect place to relax and practice your new language skills.

We also offer this opportunity to learn German in the home of your own personal teacher in Vienna and Basel. Alternatively, check out our full list of Live & Learn destinations.

What We Like About Germany:

  • Germany has incredible transportation infrastructure so you can explore the whole country from wherever you choose to live.
  • Germany is a world leader in the fine arts.
  • You’ll fall in love with German cooking.

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