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About Hungary

The Republic of Hungary is situated in Central Europe, and is a popular tourist destination. The country has a long, eventful history, and rich culture. Hungary is home to several buildings of magnificent size and architecture, such as the Great Synagogue (the largest within Europe) and the Museum of Applied Art (built in the Art Nouveau style).

Traditional folk music is also popular within the country, and Hungarian cuisine offers many dishes which are eaten around the world. An example is Goulash, a soup or stew containing beef, vegetables and paprika. Gundel Pancakes are also worth trying if you have a sweet tooth; these are served in a delicious chocolate sauce and contain a filling of walnuts, fruit and spices.

Hungary’s landscape ranges from flat plains in the Pannonian Basin to the Carpathians mountains in the northern part of the country. The famous Danube river runs through Hungary, and one of the world’s biggest thermal lakes and thermal cave system are located there. Hungary contains no less than ten national parks, and visitors can enjoy hot summers and snow in the winter time.