Study Italian in Florence

  • Florence is the gateway city to the beautiful hillsides of Tuscany.
  • The city offers major attractions alongside art galleries, shopping, markets, dining and nightlife.
  • Our school is centrally located with our classrooms having balconies overlooking the Duomo.
  • Italy is an excellent choice and a wonderful place to learn Italian in Florence.
  • These are just some of the great experiences you can have as you Learn Italian in Florence.

About Beautiful Florence

Florence was an incredibly important and influential city during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance being named both "the Athens of the Middle Ages" and the "Jewel of the Renaissance". Today Florence is best known for its influence in art and architecture that was left behind during this time. Some locations became a UNESCO World Heritage Site are visited millions of people each year!

International students flock to this city to learn Italian and to experience Florence's art and history. Florence is one of the best preserved Renaissance cities and one of the most beautiful in the world!